My plastic-free toiletries

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

One of the easiest ways to start living a life with less plastic is to switch out your toiletries! I have done the leg work of trying a number of different natural deodorants, soaps, shampoo bars, and toothpastes, so hopefully this list makes your switch easier than mine was. Copper is pretty confident that it will!

© Morgan Barrett Photography

SHAMPOO. One of the first changes I made was to switch from shampoo in a huge plastic container to this plastic-free shampoo bar! I tried a number of different bars, but my favorite ended up being from Scrubbles Bubbles. It is made from natural ingredients, it smells great, and it suds up nicely, leaving your hair soft! They have an Etsy shop as well as a website you can order from. I have done both. The great thing about ordering from small businesses is that you can make requests like asking for no plastic packaging!

This tin that holds my shampoo bar is repurposed. It was originally the container for Kory's beard balm. I'm sure you have containers laying around that you could use to hold your bar, but if not, they dry nicely and can be tossed in your toiletries bag solo.

My mom, who is a very talented cosmetologist, was super impressed by these bars when I gifted her one. So, safe to say that it is cosmetologist approved!

© Morgan Barrett Photography

TOOTHPASTE. My next switch was from tube toothpaste to Bite toothpaste bits. This company is very transparent about the ingredients in its products. They have a charcoal and a regular mint toothpaste bit. I have tried both, and while the charcoal took a little getting used to, I love them both. (I think the charcoal did some serious whitening action on my coffee-stained molars!) I love Bite because it allows me to eliminate plastic toothpaste tubes which cannot be recycled.

TOOTHBRUSH. (Not pictured.) My toothbrush is a Preserve toothbrush from