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I'm morgan.

Ever feel like you don't know what to say when someone asks you to tell them about yourself? I'm definitely in a season of constant growth and learning, so my 'about me' seems to be ever-evolving. Someone recently told me it's OK that I don't have everything figured out; we go through three periods in our lives: Learning, Earning, and Yearning. Our twenties are defined by Learning, and I definitely identify with that.


Anyway, hi! I'm a native Kansan, living in the country with my husband, two lab-mix pups, two purrfect kitties, and twelve chickens. Words that describe me: contemplative, determined, sensitive. I like movies and songs and books and pictures that make you feel. 

Meaningful conversation > Small talk

Reading > Going out

Writing > Talking

Experiencing > Social media-ing

Natural landscapes > Cityscapes

The Office > Friends > Parks & Rec > Other shows 

Planet > Plastic (!!!)



This is my husband Kory and me. We met in 2013 (our moms set us up, yep), got married in 2015, and the rest is history!

A few of our favorite things: Traveling, hiking, playing outside with our pups, checking out new microbreweries.

A few of my favorite things: Making Kory do toe-touches (they're freakishly good), hiding & jumping out and scaring him when he gets home, and belting songs at the top of my lungs while I cook dinner until he finally, nicely, says plz stahp. 



Morgan Barrett

close to my heart

Nature is at the center of my intention. I think we live in an era where Nature has been pushed to the margins - in our minds & our perception of self, in our physical environment, and in our values. We've forgotten that we are part of Nature and that it is the essence of life.

I am an environmentalist and an advocate for treading more lightly on Mother Earth. I speak up because I think it's my duty as a human. You can find out more about this on my blog and my Instagram page.


My 'day job' is working as the Director of Development for a small environmental education non-profit in Kansas. The goal is that by educating today's youth about the environment they live in (non-biased, science-based education), they'll be better stewards than those who came before them. And to be honest, they need to be equipped to handle the results of a brief but damaging history of humanity's disregard for our environment.

why photography + my approach

I am an observer, which is why I was drawn to photography in the first place. The best way I can express the beauty I see is to reflect it through imagery.

My approach is laid back. I'll give you prompts and make sure you 'know what to do with your hands' (haha), but I want the images we create together to look natural and represent you as you are.

Finally, I welcome people of all walks of life to work with me. I believe that love is love, and I respect all lifestyles and cultural beliefs. I'm a little unorthodox myself, and I think our world is made richer by diversity of all kinds.


I love words and images and I think the two work beautifully together to tell a story.

I hope you will use the photos we create together to tell yours.

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