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The Brightest Little Lights

Something a little lighter for your Friday, yes?

A Fish Who Swims in Wine

And My Shadow Is Me

Were admittedly a little heavy

I love a good think piece

Something that digs deep

But I also can see

That it’s good to sprinkle in

Things that have a lighter energy

The world already weighs on us so much

Sometimes it’s like — enough

So let me share with you

Some of my joy

Which these days

Comes mostly in the form

Of a little girl and a little boy

My twins are two and a half

Their light bubbles over

In their giggles and laughs

It’s so wild to me

That I didn’t see myself mothering

Because now I can’t see

Myself existing without them

She’s loving and loud

A bossy little blonde

You might not expect

That big personality

From such a tiny tot

Though she is but a toddler

She knows who she is

And what she’s about

Winslow’s coming through

So you better watch out

He’s sweet and kind

A tender little guy

He’s so acutely in tune

With feelings and mood

He knows if you’re sad

And he knows what to do

He gives the best hugs

Sweet little kisses, too

Alder Bear is here

So your day just improved

As their mom, I try so hard

To soak up every last bit of them

Just as they are

But inevitably I will fail

For try as I might,

I simply cannot bottle up

All of their light

And my goodness,

They are filled with so much light

I keep journals of all their -isms

I’ve got ten thousand photos on my phone

I try to store in my brain

All the precious things they do and say

Because as we know so well

Babies don’t keep

And I’m learning that toddlers don’t either

I see their limbs lengthening out

And I wonder where my babies have gone

Replaced with these children

With big opinions and all

Ah! I said I’d keep it light, Yet here I go

Venturing again down this pensive road

I’ll tell some stories, tell you what they’re like

My sweet little babies

Best friends, except when they’re not

Like when they’re out for blood

Fighting over our little pink bike.

But when you ask Winslow,

“Who’s your best friend?”

She’ll say “Alder!” 9 times out of 10

They like to snuggle in the same chair

They both like pigtails in their hair

They look out for each other

Like when our dog knocked Alder over

Winslow frowns, says, “not nice, Ruby!”

When my daughter is sad,

My son takes notice

His concern for his sister

Breaks my heart into a million pieces

It’s hard to express

What their connection means to me

But maybe I can put it like this:

One day mama and daddy will be gone

And my babies will be grown

But if the universe is kind

They’ll never be alone

For they’ll have each other

Always to lean on

More than anyone else

My children know one another

Since they were in my womb

They’ve been together

Never have they known a day

When the other didn’t exist

And I pray, oh I pray

It will always be like this

Of course, I hope one day

They’ll grow up and away

Each finding their own life

In their own unique way

But a sibling connection

Is one that’s not easily broken.

Listen to the poem on the Makers, Dreamers, Doers Podcast.


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