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At John's Greenhouse with Rebecca

This session with Rebecca was so fun and a breath of fresh air. I had hit kind of a wall with photography recently, just not feeling fueled by it like I normally do: A combination of personal circumstances, the colorlessness of the winter in Kansas (snow, where ya at?), and lacking inspiration. I found John's Greenhouse, a recently reopened 1909 structure, via internet search and social media, and I knew I needed to shoot there. Did you know that plants (specifically trees) have been scientifically proven to improve mood and health? Being amongst nature, whether its in an endless forest or in a 5,000 square foot greenhouse, makes humans happy. John's Greenhouse gave me the dose of nature I was needing. I took photos of one of my favorite families here a couple of weekends ago and I was back at the greenhouse within a week for this shoot with Rebecca.

A note on Rebecca: She is an 18 year old college student studying nursing, and wow - she has a real presence in front of the camera! I found her on Instagram and reached out to her via DM (yes, I slid into her DMs) to see if she would be interested in shooting with me for fun. I had seen several other photographers' photos of her and I knew she would be so fun to work with. She is a natural, and so laid back and confident. And incredibly sweet!

Thank you so much for working with me, Rebecca! You killed it. This session was exactly what I needed to get the creative juices flowing again.

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