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I could spend hours poring over old family photo albums because I love going down memory lane. I think one of the most special things about keeping moments frozen in time is the gift you give to your children and their children: There's so much wonder in imagining how you mom felt in the picture of the two of you shortly after you were born or in an old ballet picture of her as a teenager. What was life like back then? Photos memorialize the moments of our lives, and that is why we hold them so dear. I aim to create images that make you feel a tug in your chest. A nostalgia for days gone by. Documenting a piece of your story for your memory bank - celebrations of love, new life, milestones, motherhood, family.


Choosing the right photographer for you matters because we are going to get personal. I want to know you and what you're all about. We don't need to have the same background or enjoy the same kind of music; quite the contrary. I love meeting people who are different from me - I believe that is essential to our growth as individuals. But the people I work with do value photography and the process it takes to create beautiful images. I love shooting in natural light in Mother Nature's studio - the great outdoors. My favorite sessions take place in meadows, mountains, among trees or near water.  The weather won't always be clear skies and perfect temperatures, but a positive attitude and an appreciation for natural beauty is all we need to create memorable, truthful imagery together. 

Meet Morgan

This is me, pretty much in my truest form. Hair down, wearing a comfy tee ("Defend Our Parklands"), among nature, taking it all in. I am an observer, which is why I was drawn to photography in the first place. I love capturing the beauty in everything from a layered mountain view to the dynamics between a momma and her little one.


I know that in today's social media-heavy culture it can be hard trying to distinguish who you are and what you want to do. Photography is at the center of that struggle because it's so easy to make life look perfect in photos. As a result, we often fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and we end up feeling like we aren't good enough or that our lives are somehow less-than. My goal is to capture you simply as you are because you absolutely are enough. I gave up a while ago trying to be someone I'm not because it's an empty pursuit. I'll try my best to be me and I hope that you will be unapologetically you.

A little about who I am: I'm a daughter, sister, and wife. I am a Kansas native, but I think my heart lives in Costa Rica. My husband Kory and I have two dogs and two cats who forever entertain us. I live with a rare, genetic disease called cystic fibrosis, but it does not hold me back. I am an environmentalist and I have a fierce love for Mother Earth. I have a bit of a foul mouth, but my husband thinks I'm funny. I struggle with anxiety and self-confidence. I love ballads because they speak to my heart. I read to escape, but I feel free when I am outside among nature. I think the word that has always best described me is 'determined'.


One final note: I want to know people and what makes them tick... I really don't care about how big someone's house is, how much money they make, how perfect their wardrobe is. Those things are just distractions, and when our days are done, who. really. cares. What sets your soul on fire?  Let's connect on a real level!



My favorite photos are those that freeze the little in between moments and real interactions. I want your time with me to be about you and yours, and to tell the story of who you are, 

The gentle touch of a hand, a subtle smile, the belly laugh you can almost hear through the image. Genuine expressions of human connection, fleeting moments gone by, 


I love words and images and I think the two work beautifully together to tell a story. I hope you will use the photos we create together to tell yours.


I create timeless images that will never go out of style so you'll have a forever keepsake of your life exactly as you are today to reflect on one year from now and fifty years from now.

Let's talk

Sessions start at $300

Weddings start at $2,000

Kansas City area & beyond



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