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Well, isn't this exciting?
We have a studio space! Now offering indoor photo sessions for any occasion – though I am most excited to use it on hottest hot days and the coldest cold days that Kansas can throw at us! (And we all know Kansas has quite the range when it comes to weather.)
The new studio space is located in the Historic Downtown Lawrence on Massachusetts Street in a building built in the 1800s – that means huge floor to ceiling windows, creaky wooden floors, solid wood doors, and white walls that bask in the soft light coming in from the east. 
Studio sessions are limited to four people at a time due to space constraints, and sessions start at $375.
I am also going to be renting out the space to area photographers, which is exciting, as there are currently no other rentable studios in Lawrence. Please contact me for hourly and daily rates!
Finally, the Lawrence and surrounding areas are bursting at the seams with artists, makers and creatives. If you are a small business owner interested in using The Studio to photograph your artwork or other handmade goods, please contact me and tell me more about what you're looking for. I will offer steeply discounted rates for you to either use the space to photograph your own products or to hire me to take photos of your products.

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